Tuesday, 4 December 2018

LinkedIn Connections

After a long gap, I started to work for Ajay. He told me that I should log in to his LinkedIn account and get the details of his connections in a excel sheet. I said ok.

Then I got my laptop and logged in to his LinkedIn account. I clicked on his connections icon which containedp around 3000+ connections. I thought it will be easy to do that. The moment I saw his number of connections I was stuck and confused how to separate the details in excel sheet. I had to separate location, contact details, experience and name. I started to do in excel sheet imaginarily. Then I thought it won't work because the connections were in different domains like testers, developers, start-ups, students, consultants, etc.

On seeing different types, my mind thought of Xmind. So I started doing in Xmind. In Xmind, the main topic was LinkedIn connections. The sub topics were different places, HR, Start-ups, Abroad, etc. The sub topics contains name and experience.I stopped with 50 connections and then sent to Ajay.

I got a reply from him as he didn't want in Xmind and he wanted in excel sheet as he can filter it when he needs it. I was totally irritated because I spent 2 hours for this.

Before I started in Xmind, I thought to ask Ajay whether it was ok for him or not. I had many queries and clarifications. But I didn't ask him even single question.
This was my first and the biggest mistake.

In the evening, Ajay returned from office and we just had a conversation on this task. I was explaining whole thing which I did on this task.  He showed me an email which has excel sheet of his LinkedIn connections. In that, each detail was separated column wise clearly. He said just fill the excel sheet with their experience and contact details. I asked him how did you do like this.

The answer he told me was he just googled it. He googled how to export LinkedIn connections in excel sheet. He downloaded it from LinkedIn and sent it to me. It was just 10 minutes work.

He said that you should not work over 10 minutes.

Yes, when we are ready to work eagerly, we are not aware of different ways of working. We will go through the flow. But we should think in smarter way.

We should work hard in our smartness. Then the result of the  work will make us smart.

The smartest way to do things in everything is Google it😉

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